Idaho SkillStack®

SkillStack® offers you the opportunity to earn industry-relevant badges, or micro-certifications. Micro-certifications document, assess, and validate that specific skills and/or competencies have been met. SkillStack® badges are recognized and respected credentials that have been developed in conjunction with industry partners, are recorded digitally in a state database, and can be verified by employers throughout the course of your career. Getting these micro-certifications not only confirms mastery of skills but also opens new doors, by connecting you with potential employers who are looking for the skills and expertise you’ve acquired. 

Program Overview

Digital badging (or micro-credentialing) can help individuals grow skills and expertise, builds their resumes, and connects them to high-demand employment opportunities. A SkillStack® badge is a visual representation of a micro-certification that is embedded with data that demonstrates to employers that you have mastered a new skill or set of skills and your proficiency in that topic has been validated by an educational institution in Idaho. SkillStack® micro-certifications are meant to both help people master new skills that are validated by an instructor and give employers access to more qualified workers.  

Any resident of IDOC facilities who meets enrollment standards and criteria—which include a verified high school diploma or GED completion—are eligible to earn select SkillStack® badges while in-facility. Though not all options are offered at all facilities, the programs currently offered for IDOC residents are:  

  • Ornamental Horticulture  
  • Administrative Services (Office Skills) 
  • Construction Trades (NCCER) 
  • Dairy Science  
  • More programs to come!


Idaho SkillStack® & IDOC Training Overview

Educational offerings available at IDOC facilities can help you earn an Idaho SkillStack® micro-credential that can demonstrate your willingness to learn new things and can help you compete for jobs.

How It Works

Learn about how to get started with educational offerings available at IDOC facilities and the Idaho SkillStack® micro-credentialing program.

IDOC Training & Idaho SkillStack® Testimonials

Hear from program participants about why they chose to pursue training and how they plan to use what they've learned.

How do I Get Started?

Current residents of an IDOC facility

Any current resident of an IDOC facility who has a high school diploma or has completed their GED and who wants to learn more about or get involved in SkillStack® should contact the education department at their facility.

Once you’re in a SkillStack® program, your instructor will provide you with login information and instructions on accessing your badges.

Reentered citizens

If you are a reentered citizen who worked on SkillStack® badges while in-facility, you can access and share your badges by logging in to your account. If you need help with your account information you can reset your password or send an email to Once you have your SkillStack® login credentials, you will always have access to your badges and account.

If you are a reentered resident looking to earn additional SkillStack® badges, you can find programs offered through the six technical colleges across Idaho (North Idaho College, Lewis Clark State College, College of Western Idaho, College of Southern Idaho, Idaho State University, and College of Eastern Idaho) and other postsecondary institutions (Boise State University and the University of Idaho). Please contact the institution you are interested in attending to find out which programs have badge offerings.