Adult Basic Education & GED

Adult basic education courses are designed to help improve math, reading, writing, and English language skills. Whether you are preparing for the GED exam or your next job, these courses can help sharpen your skills.

Adult Basic Education—In IDOC Facilities

The Robert Janss School is a state-accredited school within Idaho prisons that offers basic education and coursework leading to general education diplomas (GEDs).

The school’s program is designed as a stepping-stone to help IDOC residents prepare for a successful transition to the community. Courses can help prepare you for postsecondary education, job training programs, or post-release employment opportunities.

Program focus areas:

  • Adult literacy
  • Technology
  • Workplace skills
  • Connecting to community resources by providing transitional support with tutoring, career advising, and financial education

Adult Basic Education—In the Community

Adult Basic Education courses are offered for free through Idaho’s community colleges and workforce training centers. Programs are often available at the school’s main campus and additional sites in the surrounding region (satellite campuses, libraries, community centers).

Providers include:

  • North Idaho College (Coeur d’Alene)
  • Lewis-Clark State College (Lewiston)
  • College of Western Idaho (Nampa)
  • College of Southern Idaho (Twin Falls)
  • Idaho State University (Pocatello)
  • Eastern Idaho Technical College (Idaho Falls)

General Education Diploma (GED)

Getting your GED can help you become eligible for more job opportunities, improve your chance of getting a job, help you get to college, improve important life skills and build the confidence you need to succeed.

The GED test gauges your knowledge in four different areas:

  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Each section is taken separately and there are ample opportunities to study for the exam in advance, both in-person and online.

GED Prep in IDOC Facilities

The Robert Janss School located within IDOC facilities offers support for GED testing through its General Educational Development (GED) program. Instructors provide basic course work to help residents fill in knowledge gaps for each of the test subject areas, provide sample test questions, and administer practice tests that will help you prepare for the exam.
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GED Prep in the Community

If you plan to pursue your GED after leaving an IDOC facility, there are community resources and online tools to help you prepare for the exam. Taking a GED prep course, reviewing the online materials, and taking practice tests can have a big (positive) impact on your score.

In Idaho, there is a $30 fee to take each subject test ($120 total) but you don’t have to take all four tests at once.

It’s important to know that the only way to obtain an official GED credential is by registering at and taking your tests at an official testing center. There are companies online that claim to offer GED testing, but they are considered unofficial and often cost more than the official GED test. Be wary and make sure you visit to make sure you are accessing valid and official resources.

Once you have registered, studied, and are ready to test – find the GED testing location closest to you and sign up via the official website.

How to Request your Free Printed GED Diploma

For Test-takers Who Passed the GED® Test in Prison

Congratulations on passing your GED® test! You get one free printed diploma. Since you
passed the GED® test while in prison, the prison staff may have already ordered your
diploma for you. If they didn’t order your diploma, you can follow these steps to order it.

Step One: Contact GED Testing Service

1. Contact GED Testing Service by calling 1-877-EXAMGED
(877-392-6433) and choose to speak to a call center
2. Tell the call center representative that you have been
released from prison and need to log into your MyGED™
account. They will ask for your:
• Name and date of birth
• Information about the facility where you took the test
• An updated email address, home address, and phone

Step Two: Log into MyGED™ at

1. Go to on a computer, tablet, or smartphone
2. Click on “Forgot password” in the upper right corner of
the screen
3. Type your email address into the “Reset Password” box
and click “Submit”
4. You’ll get an email with a link to reset your password.
Click the link and complete the steps to reset your
5. Once you’ve reset your password, use it to log into your
MyGED™ account at

Step Three: Order Your Diploma through MyGED™

1. Click on the “My Scores” page
2. Click on the “Order Duplicates” button
This will take you to the Credential Requesting Service, where
you can finish ordering your printed diploma.

Step Four: Finish Your Order

1. In the “Select Documents” section:
• For Document Type, choose “Diploma”
• For Send my Diploma to, choose “Myself”
• For Select Product Type, choose “Printed Diploma –Free”
2. In the “Order Details” section:
• Make sure your name and mailing address are right and
click “Continue”
• Make sure your order is right and click “Checkout”
3. In the ”Provide Consent” section, click “Next”
4. In the “Review Order” section, make sure your order is
right and click “Confirm”
5. Write down your order number in case you have any
questions about your order and click “Log off”
You’ve ordered your free printed diploma! It will be mailed to the
address you used in your order.

How to log into your MyGED® account after release from a Corrections Program

Follow these steps to log into your MyGED® account after your release. Use your MyGED® account to finish taking your GED® test or request your transcript.


Step 1: Before your release, ask the testing center to update your MyGED® account.

• Give them the email address that you’ll use to log into your MyGED® after your release

If your account wasn’t updated before your release, call GED Testing Service to have your account updated.
• Call the GED Testing Service call center at 1-877-392-6433
• Give your name, date of birth, and the corrections facility where you took the GED® test
• Give your new address, phone number, and email address so they can update your account

NOTE: Call center hours are 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CT.

Step 2: Log into your MyGED® account.
• Go to
• Use your updated email address to log in
• Click “Forgot Password” if you need to reset your password
• Log in to see your scores, continue studying, and schedule your remaining tests

• Log into MyGED® at
• Click on the “Request a Transcript” link at the bottom of the screen
• Follow the steps to request a transcript to be sent to your new address

NOTE: The process to request a transcript is different for each state. Go to to see what you need to do next.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you set up a new MyGED® account after your release, you’ll have to merge your corrections MyGED® account with your new account. Call the call center at 1-877-392-6433 to merge your accounts.

Contact 1-877-392-6433 or email if you have any questions about logging into your MyGED® account.