Online Learning

Colleges, universities, and private education providers across the country are offering an ever-wider array of online learning opportunities. Students can find courses that teach specific skills or that lead to a degree or certification and these programs offer the flexibility to take classes from anywhere you can access a computer and the internet.

Online Technical Classes

Many providers offer online learning opportunities in the technical or non-academic credit space (completion of courses doesn’t lead to a degree). Classes cover a wide range of topics and are available in a variety of lengths.

For example, you could sign up for a time management course that takes a quick 2 hours to complete and will equip you with the skills to make the most out of each day. Or you could sign up for an intro to computer programming course that will take a total of 24 hours to complete and puts you on a path to learn coding.

Some online courses also offer what’s called a “hybrid” format, which is part time in person and part time online. These courses provide you with the support of a standard in person classroom environment while also offering added flexibility.

Idaho LAUNCH is an online career and training research hub designed to connect Idahoans with current hiring trends, information on employer needs, research and training opportunities, and training funds. LAUNCH is a great resource to use to start exploring the world of online learning.

Online Education at 2- and 4- Year Colleges

Four-year colleges and universities offer bachelor’s degrees (B.A. or B.S.), a more general course of study, and a wide range of subject options. A four-year degree can provide a lot of career flexibility and is a starting point for many careers in business, education, law, healthcare, technology, and more.

Colleges are continually expanding their online learning opportunities and some degree programs are now offered fully online or in a hybrid format. Online learning can offer the flexibility to get an education while balancing life and a work schedule, but it isn’t for everyone. Taking classes online can take extra time management and self-discipline skills to stay on track.

Explore this directory of Idaho universities to learn more about college opportunities near you. Then visit the college websites to explore which degrees and classes they offer online.