Education & Training

There are many options for continued education and training that can set you up for a new job o career path. Whether it’s getting your GED, starting an apprenticeship or technical education program, or getting into college, there are resources to help you explore and prepare.

Adult Basic Education & GED Resources

More About Adult Basic Education & GED Resources

Adult Basic Education

There are free adult basic education opportunities in IDOC facilities and in cities across Idaho. Find the classes nearest to you.

Getting My GED

Obtaining your GED is a great start to your education journey. Explore resources and tools to help you prepare and learn more about getting your GED.

2-Year & 4-Year Colleges

More about 2- & 4- Year Colleges

Idaho Colleges

Learn more about the difference between community colleges and 4-year colleges to find the right fit for you.

Paying for College

Access resources and information that can help you find grants, loans, scholarships, and more to help you pay for school.

Career & Technical Education

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Apprenticeship programs will prepare you for a specific job while you earn a wage, build your knowledge, and gain hands-on experience.

Workforce Training Centers

Workforce Training Centers help people train on specific and often high-demand skills to lead them into new jobs or career paths quickly.

Micro-Credentialing: Idaho Skill Stack®

More About Idaho SkillStack®

Idaho SkillStack®

SkillStack® offers you the opportunity to earn industry-relevant badges, or micro-certifications in IDOC facilities. Micro-certifications document, assess, and validate that specific skills and/or competencies have been met.