Reentry Prep

Congratulations on your recent or upcoming release! The road ahead may present some obstacles, but we are here to help connect you with the tools, resources, and community support to set you up on a pathway to success. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on these pages, reach out for help! There is a community around you rooting for your success!

Reentry is the release planning process all returning citizens will go through including the continuation of services from the Institution to the community. The goal of reentry is to increase public safety and reduce recidivism by developing a release plan that best fits the returning citizens needs. This is achieved through the prioritized provision and coordination of services necessary to facilitate a seamless transition from an Institution to the community. This process starts when the individual enters the Institution and continues when they are released into the community. Release planning includes several aspects such as treatment, housing, supervision, employment, education, healthcare, and other services. By assessing the individual’s risk for recidivism and treatment needs, a comprehensive transition plan will be developed. By assessing each individual’s risk to the community and establishing services based on identified needs, those with the highest risk will receive the highest level of services. Establishing services to address the returning citizens identified needs in the community is a collaborative effort between state and local agencies.


Download IDOC Reentry Services Guidebook

If you’re looking for some additional support and accountability, explore the mentorship program Free2Succeed, IDOC’s community mentorship program. You can get paired with a mentor in your community who can help you set and meet goals, problem solve and make good decisions, introduce you to other support, connect you with job opportunities, and introduce you to social groups and activities. For more information on this program and how to get involved, download the IDOC Reentry Services Guidebook from the Handbooks section below and check out page 40!

Handbooks & Guides

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IDOC Reentry Guide

The Idaho Department of Correction has a reentry services guide that contains local support services, to-do lists, and helpful information for planning for your reentry.

IDOL Reentry Guide

The Idaho Department of Labor has a reentry services handbook to help you find, prepare for, and apply to jobs near you.


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