Congratulations on your upcoming or recent release. We know the process of reentry can be challenging. As you prepare to reintegrate into society, there are many services available to help get you get back on your feet and a community of people who want to help you. Please reach out for help when you need it!  

Here are some helpful handbooks and guides you can use to find ideas, advice, and tools. These resources can help you make a plan for the first days and weeks of your reentry journey. If you still have questions or aren’t finding the information you need, reach out to your district probation and parole office or the community reentry center nearest you.

Idaho Department of Corrections Reentry Services Guide

The Reentry Services Guide can help ensure a smooth transition to community supervision. This guide has information to help locate community organizations that can ease the transition from prison to the community. 

Idaho Department of Corrections Pre-Release Manual

All residents must complete Pre-Release prior to parole or release planning. This manual will help you make a plan and find helpful resources as you begin your process of reintegrating with your community.  

Idaho Department of Labor Re-Entry Services Guide  

The Re-Entry Services guide from the Idaho Department of Labor was designed to assist you in reentering the state’s workforce. The Idaho Department of Labor’s goal is to help you overcome any current barriers and provide you with the support and resources you need to find a job.  

Fair Shake Reentry Packet 

Fair Shake is a national web-based reentry resource center dedicated to providing resources for people who are released from incarceration. Review this packet to find information on the process of reentry, worksheets and checklists, and additional guidance and ideas as you navigate reentry.